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Monday, June 1, 2020

The uncivilized - Homebreaker -Characterless Woman

The society creates an image and set of certain principles for men and women both. They have to follow it to be accepted in the society. However, men enjoy more privileges when it comes to the freedom while women stay heavily chained.

 It does not mean that men don’t suffer. They are overburdened with economic responsibilities and not allowed to be sensitive. They also kill their feelings and act cold. 

The Fake Surroundings
In every family- humans are born free as claimed by maximum parents, sons and daughters. Families claim that they don’t differentiate between a male child and a female, yet this is a vast divide which remains unaddressed in human history. Families are tenderer towards male child whether male child enjoys it while growing up or not, but it happens. 

These so called pretenders do not have even courage to admit that they have been wrong, and that is okay. No one hangs the elders for being wrong, however the upcoming generations can improve sooner if they admit. 

Loving father, who thinks that he treats his daughter better is the one who does not even allow the daughter to step outside alone. As he thinks that rape happens so the son should step out.

 Women who are roaming to work or even to have fun, it seems a big deal in the land I am born in. More than fifty percent population resides in villages, look there - girls still are kept deprived of education, and their parents do not allow them to even wear Jeans. How much lower the standard of moral is that wearing Jeans also offend people. 
Parameters and Judgement are very harsh for a ‘good woman’
What is the definition of good women? 

There are different answers to it which includes even virginity. I hold strong disagreements against this virginity obsession in a culture where women are treated as a commodity, and she becomes a 'characterless' because someone takes away the virginity, or may be it is a rape, or some exercise- however, illtreated ignorant women who did not do any justice with their lives and spent entire age in a slavery and unpaid labor, teach everyone to be the same.   
However I would abstain from "other quality indicators of good women" and focus on one thing- ‘Patience’ or tolerance. 

This is the most imposed quality in every religion, sect and culture that woman is always appreciated who says ‘yes’ to whatever she is asked to do. Disagreements are often taken personal and a symbol of disrespect.
If she hides injuries done to her self-respect, she gets appreciation for sometime. If she raises concern even politely about injustice being done to her, that turns her into evil for majority. What is wrong to say wrong to wrong? What is wrong in having an opinion? What is wrong in considering herself a human? Because centuries after centuries the injustice was done, it should continue to be… the same?
Parameter of Justice- Culture, Inheritance and Society 

Women are taught at every step to compromise which is necessary for all genders equally. Everyone should find a bridge to maintain peace, but I repeat EVERYONE. When complaints are valid, woman should be heard too. The decision should be based on the rational view of humanity. However the parameters of justice have always been – Culture, inheritance, and society. 
As a result, what happens in society- Look at the example of the regressive ideologies of Nagaland? People protested when women were given a chance to come forward in politics. People even threatened then Chief Minister for tempering with Culture. Such culture should be thrown in garbage which keeps human deprived of the basic rights. 
These cultural expectations of being a woman have brought more hazards to women.  Most of them (women) forgot what is it like 'to be treated well', and what is it like 'to be free'? They are chained everywhere and want other woman to be trapped in that too.   
Being a woman and standing for your right is tough, for most of them it is their family which goes against them and imposes the tag of tolerance on them for a temporary praise. I see slaves not women many times. They are trained and domesticated in educated segment too. 
Why would not be so, here modern and educated woman who knows her right is considered as prostitute, home breaker and all the evil things one can think. She is laughing stock for many. 

When a woman is bold enough, many of her friends shun her due to their regressive thoughts. They consider that being with bolder woman will cause harm to their families.  Strong woman’s family gives up on her the first in maximum cases. 
Strong woman is not what these hallucinations are. She does not forget to love, and care. She is more than a slave. She has better sense of the world, and she strengthens a relationship in better way. However there are few takers of such attributes yet there is no denying that a salve can never fulfil the other half of you, you will stay empty and hollow emotionally. Slaves are good at submitting not to love or stand by you! 

- Namrata 

All Right Reserved. 

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