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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

13 million starving to death- Yet Religion is not responsible!

Yemen is the poorest nation in the Gulf region and due to constant conflicts- the region is shattered. Tribal groups are misplaced, and millions of civilians have starved as they were forced to go with little or no food due to war.  Violence has forced farmers to abandon their crop and the majority of the population is suffering from malnutrition. 
Picture Credit- https://www.scoopwhoop.com/world/countries-starving-to-death/

Hospitals have been overcrowded by sick and wounded, and the situation is neglected. There are certain lessons learnt from history that war never benefits mankind, yet politicians and power hungry people are not able to understand it. 
The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called it in April 2018 as the worst humanitarian crisis as more than 22 million people need aid and protection. 
However, because the US is the ally of Saudi Arabia just once or twice the news becomes the internet sensation or else no one talks about it or want to push for a solution. The war is often named as political and for land. The main contentious issue of 'Religion' is never mentioned. 
The conflict has started due to Shia and Sunni Sect of Islam. They are rival groups, and followers of the same god. However, before talking about religion, it is necessary to understand that millions of lives are under threat due to famine and war. 
For a layman this is very much understood - as Shia Sec of Muslim considers Ali to be their Prophet while Sunni Sect of Muslims considers Mohammad to be their Prophet. 

13 million deaths are in the way!
Since 2016, there has been a contact famine in Yemen. However, After 5th November 2017, the Situation worsened.
In October 2018, The United Nations warned that 13 million people could starve to death and it could be the "The Worst Famine in the World". And, this is barbaric and harsh reality of today’s world. The image shows the food crisis in Yemen.

Food Insecurity Status in February 2017

And the Problem Started….

Saudi Arabia and Iran remain into conflict due to their religious difference between Shia and Sunni branches. So, basically it is a conflict between two Religious Sect of the same Religion. 
In 2015 Saudi Arabia massively attacked Yemen‘s Rebel – Huti.  Hutis are the followers of Shia Sect of Islam.  They are a religious minority, and their motto was as used in the banner-" God is great, Death to America, Death of Israel, Curse on Jews and Victory to Islam. " 

This is what they used in that banner, and this much hatred is motivated by the religious beliefs. That is why they are against- Israel - Jews and America. Their sentence itself narrates the victory of Islam. 

In 2004, President Ali- Abdullah Saleh was ruing Yemen. He tried to negotiate with religious minority, and failed. He considered them a possible threat to his rule and performed relentless operations against Huti.  

2011, The Arab Spring started, which itself was a crisis. Therefore, the President had to step down.  The Huti voted for Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi and hoped for a new inclusive constitution.  However, after  the failed ceasefire, the rebels tried to take control of the entire region.

Since then there are constant fights. After failed ceasefire, the rebels tried to take control of entire region.  Now the region is under the grip of ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Huti  rebels. These are also fighting against one another and recruiting their natives to fight. 
Hospitals and healthcare are not available. The problem is the safe space  in the violent atmosphere of Yemen. 
People are dying due to political and religious differences, would not end that soon because religious narratives kept the religion above human life. That is what always happens, and voices are shushed when raised against religion. 
Minorities do not trust their governments due to religious differences and through - out history there are  pieces of evidences against rulers and governments - they differentiated among people on religious grounds. 

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