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Saturday, February 16, 2019


I bite my lips to prevent my tears at bay,
what do you expect me to say?
More attachments, more tears, 
I stuck because of fears.
I keep mum of course,
my contribution can you endorse?
The condition of isolation and pain,
the loss was higher than my gain.
Affection does not deserve insult, 
I scratched my head getting the result.
Two body share spaces without bond, 
Illusion was 'the charity begins at home.
Everything seems difficult and turned worse, 
Some moments are good and some cursed. 
But, I would make my way my own, 
no matter who came, and gone.
Staying happy is my ultimate aim, 
I warned my tears to stop this rain. 
 - Namrata 
All Rights Reserved. 

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