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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Religious books have been lying about this!

Religious people consider subjects as a theory and believe the religious text to be true.

The religion has been lying about many things, and unfortunately, people turn a blind eye to any logic provided. The first and basic question people ignore the shape of the earth. This remains the beginning of any religious books. 

What do you think almighty has created the earth and sends a book but regretfully does not know the shape of the earth, or when the earth was created?
There are various books written about this matter, but those books remain out of the reach. My intention is to make the content more accessible through my blogs, and reveal the reality as it is. 

The first basic concept is – people think that the god has created the earth for them and old scriptures are guided originally by the god. They admit that partially the world has changed and corrupted that original text except for the one non- corruptible Koran.  As they say that the Koran is protected by Allah itself.
All old scriptures are nowhere truthful about the shape of the earth- for every religion the earth remains according to the theories of that time.
Purana’s which are the ancient religious text of Hindu’s describe the earth as a flat disk which is kept on the head of the cow, and some Hindu texts contradict that to be with a Serpent’s head. 

Similarly, like other theories of different religion, the earth is kept on the back of a giant turtle.
Even if people know little science, are often too much lenient towards religion. One of my friends who is a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Rohilkhand University has said that he favored religious books over any other research.
I was somewhere curious about the ‘reasons’ my friend had. I asked him, that he might be having a normal introduction with physics as mostly mathematicians are good with physics, and if not in-depth just basic. He said, yes, the subject was one of his favorites.
I asked a very simple question, - “How was the universe created according to the physics?”
The friend stopped the conversation, made faces as if it took too much to remember. I was looking at the struggle and I asked if he needed more time.
First, there has been a lot of time since I opened any book and second there are various theories about it”
“Which one is the most widely accepted, and got evidence? Just tell me that”- I said.
“I can’t exactly remember, all of them but I know one”
“Which one? Say it”
“The Earth was created by Allah… and Jinnah used to live on earth… “
I was like, okay…
“End it… I know where will it end”
“I am telling you the right thing,” My friend said, and I have to say, -“My friend, You are a wonderful human being, and I do not want to hurt your sentiments, yet there is no point of debate.
…. The most excepted theory of the creation of the universe or the earth among mathematicians and physicist is a big bang, and when you can not state the simple fact, there is no point to having a debate that the holy books have some faults.”
My reasons are pretty simple when I avoid a debate. For a debate, there should be a basic understanding of the subject, as I read religion, and I remember what it states.
I encounter many of such people who escape from reality in the form of various religious practices. I do not blame them. They are not brave enough to see.
There was a reason for me before asking about the origin and shape of the earth.
The debate could have come to the psychological subjects of morality etc.
I needed to start from Basics like, how the earth was created, and why?

Science does not have answers for many things, but it does not bluff, it keeps the possibilities and stays unsure, while religion tells a lie openly and blames everyone else for its faults.

None of the religious text says the right position of the earth. In fact, educated illiterate also do not take much interest in that. This is important.
I understand that ancient texts might be manipulated, but how come with the position of the earth in the universe.
Changing that will not offer any help to anyone. And if they have been tampered with, how can other things are written on that be trusted either?
I will bring facts about why religion could not specify about the earth’s position?
Texts which are religious have a time period when they were written,
There have been philosophers and various analyzers who were curious and tried to interpret how were we created?
This is `the basic question, and people should have the curiosity to solve this.
Christianity accepted Ptolemy’s model. As Stephen Hawking stated in his famous book, “A Brief History of Time”. That time the latest model provided by science was Ptolemy who could explain various things but could not explain many.
“Ptolemy’s model provided a reasonably accurate system for predicting the positions of heavenly bodies in the
sky. But in order to predict these positions correctly, Ptolemy had to make an assumption that the moon
followed a path that sometimes brought it twice as close to the earth as at other times. And that meant that the
moon ought sometimes to appear twice as big as at other times! Ptolemy recognized this flaw, but nevertheless
his model was generally, although not universally, accepted. It was adopted by the Christian church as the
picture of the universe that was in accordance with Scripture, for it had the great advantage that it left lots of
room outside the sphere of fixed stars for heaven and hell.”
-       A brief history of time, Chapter -1, Page 2

The point is that why these all books which are supposed to be guided or written under the influence of almighty be wrong about something which was created by him itself.
Can you always pick a cherry and say that the entire dish is good? Religious people do this cherry-picking.
When I was a child, my siblings and I often used to asked from one another, who created god?
It gave us headache that time, that who created the earth- Brahma as Hinduism states, and who created Brahma, and there are various conflicting texts about it- some say Vishnu, and some say Shiva. Who and who created them- the God, and who created the god? He can not be created.
How come? First, they say that everything needs a creator, but all of sudden when there comes a question of creating their god, they change sides and say that the god can not be created, and reject the similar claim of the scientists that the universe was created itself due to natural forces.
We never found an answer so we stopped thinking about it. While I grew up, I once again thought who created god, and finding answers in ancient scripture did not provide me anything but an entertaining story.
The evolution of humans to know the position of the earth.
Since 1000 BCE approximately, the man has started questioning the existence that why has he been created? 
He questioned, and he concluded first that the earth was flat like a hat. Hinduism has one of the most ancient religious texts – Rigveda, and Purana. The answer to the position of the earth remains questionable. 

People can ignore, but ignoring this much bigger issue hints towards ignorance in a book and following that book as a source of morality will certainly break societies into polar ones.
Elections and politics have used these religious sentiments as a tool to rule, and no one wants to come into the fight against religion.
 Why? Because normal people are scared. Not only once, on various occasion, people believed in what I said, but they admitted that they were scared. Scared of that what if after death they find out hell or heaven, they would not be able to do anything about it post-death.
The books are so primitive, and the faith is deeper, and a major portion of the world’s population is falling in trap and killing one another to prove their love to something which does not even exist.
Disclaimer- This post intends to awake humanity over religious sentiments which tend to ‘get unnecessarily’ hurt, and perhaps might get hurt after reading this post.

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