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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Does Fasting during Ramadan reduce cancer? – No

courtesy- Nastiknations

Facts: Autophagy happens when you fast only for a few hours and drops after 2 days. The second case of Autophagy happens when you exercise. Therefore, Cancer can be prevented from exercising, and fasting should be for maximum for two days. (OR until one has a medical condition which suggests for fasting). Therefore, chose exercise over long term fasting.)

The vast majority of humans have been restricted and blinded by a disease called an organized religion.
The trap of religion is everywhere, as at every step- the religion bullies that it teaches morality, and blame the devil for all the chaos in the world. However, historically, the most brutal wars have been done in the name of religion.
The strategy used by religious people is very simple- they feed on ignorance and false interpretation of science.
Earlier, I was offended by the arrogance of my religious friends to make me believe in god, and pitying me for being a non – believer. However, with time, I understand- being stupid is not a sin. 

Moreover, I have learned to keep patience as what I have learned in so many years, I can never pass the same things to them in two minutes.
Above that, religious people do not want to understand facts- they want to win, and make you accept that how great their god is, as it will get them a seat in heaven, which is a part of the hallucination itself.
I finally understand that the organized religion remains inferior and scared of knowledge, therefore, there are some myths which are spread by pseudoscientist to support their claims of ‘superiority of religion’.
In March 2019 almost 2.32 billion people used the social networking site – Facebook per month. There are other applications which are used by people as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Twitter, etc.
The technological connectivity brought another social disease- rumors. They travel faster. Organized religious people found the technology as a graceful tool to spread ignorance in the form of memes, fake news and religious videos on YouTube.
Perhaps, organized religious people tend to be worried about losing their dominance, therefore, they spread pseudoscientific rumors like “Recently research was published that people who fast for 30 days during Ramadan, they reduce cancer, heart attack, and mental illness. It won Nobel Prize to Yoshinori Ohsumi. In fact, Yoshinori Ohsumi supported that the fasting for 25 to 30 days brings benefits against cancer, heart disease, and mental illness.” 

Few pieces of information were correct like, in 2016 Yoshinori Ohsumi won Nobel Prize for the process called autophagy. However, the rest of the information was incorrect and false.
The rumor was spread by people who did not have any idea about science, autophagy or cancer. All they wanted was marketing to prove how great their religion is or their manipulative techniques.

If you believe so, hold on- the half knowledge is dangerous.  
Why does religion need science research to support their claim?  Religion has always been faith. Not the facts, but the faith. And faith has got nothing to do with facts. That is why it never answers with certainty and has facts but yes it can always steal facts and manipulate them like a pseudoscientist.
You need to understand the science of the body and the terms which are used in it. For example- what is autophagy?
For a layman to understand, the autophagy is a survival mechanism when the body goes hungry, it survives on eating up body cells which may be turning into various diseases.
In disease, autophagy has been seen as an adaptive response to stress, promoting survival of the cell; but in other cases, it appears to promote cell death and morbidity.
In the extreme case of starvation, the breakdown of cellular components promotes cellular survival by maintaining cellular energy levels.
Autophagy happens when someone exercises or fasts for short periods. This does not last for 30 days, as claimed by religious people. The maximum days for autophagy to work are 2 days.
Long term fasting can be harmful, that’s why people are scared of hunger and poverty. Fasting for longer like 30 days and having restriction of drinking water can be dangerous.
Strict water fasting can increase the risk of heart failure because, during a fast, the body intracellular stores of minerals vitals for a cardiac function like magnesium and potassium are depleted. (Note- during the 1950 and 60, fasting was used as an experimental treatment for obesity and several patients died.)
During fasts, one can die due to infection as the body does not simply have energy and nutrition to fight the infections. Worldwide, infectious disease is actually the most common cause of death among starving people because an immune system weakened by malnutrition.
Less serious drawbacks also include intense mood swings, low energy, and irritability.
The fasting increases the level of stress hormones norepinephrine and cortisol.
And For eating disorder people fasting can quickly turn in to a form of abuse.
Not only that during Ramadan the sex is prohibited, which again according to studies can be harmful. Various Studies have shown that regular sex has a protective effect on the heart, lowering the risk of a heart attack in men. For both men and women, “It increases blood flow to the genitals and probably helps the immune system

Is fasting bad?

No, I do not intend to claim that as the fasting helps in various ways. However, that depends upon the body and purpose. Medically, when the body needs a reset, one can fast for a term which suits the body, however, religiously, the schedule remains unscientific and people eat various things which do not get along with the body either.  

What does the article intend?

The article intends only to rubbish the claims that Nobel Prize winner supported that Ramadan should be practiced. That is a rumor. 
However, one can practice Ramadan, or not, but associating science with it, and spreading misinformation about it seems one of the ridiculous and ignorant things practiced by religious people. 

I don’t support any religion or religious claim and stand against when it fuels ignorance and plays with minds. I don’t explain already published research to naïve, feel free to read more and find basic science by yourself. In case you are offended, start reading to gather more facts. 


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