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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Brhama tried to rape his daughter Sarastwati- the reason for fog in Hinduism

Hinduism has various religious texts which contains four Vedas, Purana and supporting texts like Upanishads etc. People often are raised with a tendency to think that they are superior in every religion. 

People who do not have any connection with Hinduism, let me explain who is Brahma?
Religious texts are considered as 'creationist theory' where human tried to explain the reason for  his existence. There are various creationist theory, which have a set of believers, who considers these creationist theory as a religion. 

One of those thousands of religion is known as Hinduism, in which I was born. Therefore, I could see and connect more with the religion and it's faults because once upon a time I was also religious, and that too a devoted one. 

So, Brahma is a creator of species and humanity and everything in Universe. 
He is also known for 'self born' and a creative aspect of Vishnu. 
Hinduism has plenty of Lords and gods but originally, the creator is Brahma, and once the creation is done- Vishnu nurtures the creation, and another god, Shiva, - he destroys the creation when creation becomes out of control. 

Therefor, the role of Brahma is clear in the creation theory, and no one has ever felt any evidence of his existence, this is purely based on the literature. 

Now, people need to know Saraswati before I could come to my point. Who is Saraswati?

When Brahma was creating the earth, and humans and everyone in universe, at that time, he held the status of father. Father is the creator, and it is obvious to understand. 

He also created Saraswati. Who was suppose to be the goddess of wisdom and learning.

However, the conflicting thing which never goes with my reasoning is the next event.

The first, Brahma got sexual desires for Saraswati. 

Now, the question is- he was the creator, but corrupt. Second, it is often used by man as an excuse to rape.... that man can not abstain from sex if he sees a woman. 

Another question is, - if man is so weak, why is not every man raping? There are billions of men roaming but not all of them rape, so why don't they, if the problem is universal. 

If you study science of human behavior and psychology, men who are raised with the tendency that you will be weak around woman sexually, they would treat woman as a sex object.  

The men who are raised with the tendency, which includes every step at their surroundings, and taught that women are not a sex object, they do not end up raping them. 

The reasoning is very simple, when a simple man can be in the restriction, s0 why could not be Brahma? 

He is one of the ridiculous criminals in my eyes, as per the constitutional laws worldwide, if any man tries to rape his daughter, never gets forgiveness. 
Therefore, the question of morality appears. 
How would someone learn morality from these morally degraded literature?

I will never want my son or daughter to go in this path, so practically I will not raise them religious, and for their morality and guidance, today we have better books available. 

What happens to Reasoning?

Now comes the reason for fog, as it is all connected. So, once someone knows Brahma and Saraswati, religiously, they can connect with the reason for fog. 

Brahma, once his carnal desires were reduced, he regretted the decision that he lustfully tortured his daughter, and he left his vessel/body and shape.  

That shape took the form of fog, and that is how the fog has been created.

Fascinating, and interesting. I get it, but if people read basic geography, if not science, the reason for fog is totally different. 

The first, Universe is not just the solar system, as per that time beliefs. 

The fog only comes to the earth. It does not appear in Universe anywhere else. The tiny little earth. Don't you think that there should have been fog everywhere, every time, instead of winter, and in colder days or in troposphere of the earth?

What can explain the reason for fog?

The fog is due to temperature inversion. 

Temperature inversions are a result of other weather conditions in an area. They occur most often when a warm, less dense air mass moves over a dense, cold air mass. This cold air then pushes under the warmer air rising from the valley, creating the inversion.

The fog does not appear anywhere else in the universe, as Brahman was creator of the Universe where he left his body, the fog should have been present every where.

Should we leave the ill practices of religion aside?

if you measure the consequences, and analyse with proper data that what can a wrong teaching do to humanity, and how many lives will be suppressed or at stake, for a better world, the generations should be abstained from learning any bad habit or wrong fact. 
Even Phd. holders, they turn a blind eye to these issues and never acknowledge them 
Religion makes even educated people turn blind as in the beginning of learning every religion, there comes a warning. Warning says that there are some ignorant people who question the authority of god. They will not understand the god and his greatness. 

This is the beginning where people stop reasoning and at every step the curiosity is killed. 

Religion and science are not at war with one another. 

Religion spreads myth and science is the cure, however, I keep the possibilities, that science can be wrong, but it admits. .. religious behaves as an absolute truth, while there is every evidence against such claims

The valid arguments should be heard, and the religion makes good people dumber, even if they are well educated, or have a degree. It is all about ego, but not learning. 

Disclaimer - I support humanity for every human being, equal rights, gender equality irrespective of their nationality, religion and faith. I stand against everything which suppresses human rights. 

The reason I don't debate because people are not having information and they do not learn, but come to defend their faith with an aggressive tone. The debate should be between people who come to understand other's point not with a ulterior motive of conversion to a religion. 

- Freewoman
(All Right Reserved)

This article can not be reproduced without author's permission, if found so, the party can face legal actions.

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