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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

At Ram Mandir Nirman-- Is it Justified?

The Ram Mandir Dispute which was a long-term dispute between the two communities of India, Hindu- and Muslims. People who read abroad should know that India is not only about Hindu and Muslims—There are other communities as well.

 BJP won with the huge mandate in 2014, and in 2019 two times with higher votes crashing the opposition because of ‘The Ram Temple’, and ‘The Removal of Article 370 from J&K’ etc.
These were a few controversial decisions which any government hesitated to take earlier as diversities when it comes to religion do not find the peace.

The only matter was related to land, which was earlier as per Hindus, there was a temple, and per Muslims when India was ruled and invaded by Muslims – The Masjid was constructed.

Why does it stand out?

There are different narratives when it come to the construction of the Ram temple- Social, and Political, and economical. The opinion which are going to be published here, they are the result of the social observation and interaction with the people of the different communities as in the news, you will be able to get the events, but what caused that – none reveals it.
Event’s can make either of the community evil or victim, but this article is about what communities feel and what it meant to be the construction of the ‘Ram Temple’?
Are Hindus bullying the Muslims? Or it is something else? There are multiple questions and the article has analysis of that.

The first question- Why Ram Temple meant so much for Hindus?

When the construction of the Ram Temple started, even opposition parties held the hand together and supported it. The entire nation almost celebrated the Diwali- lighting their homes.

Ram is not that important god when it comes to Hindus. The Hindu religion has various other prominent gods approximately- 33 Crores, and there are devotees who worship other gods like -Shiva, Shakti, Vishnu, and the list will keep on going.

However, there are conflicts at different locations where the temple verses masjid happened. Hindus felt that they belonged to the land previously as they have always been in India, and their religious places have been ruined. They feel that Muslims have tendency to occupy every piece of their religious temples. It is not the personal opinion, but this is what majorities feel. Hindus feel oppressed with the domination of Muslims as earlier when there was Congress Party which ruled India for 70 years, it did not give importance to the affairs of Hindus.

There were openly preaching of hatred against Kafir’s(Hindus) in loudspeakers by Muslim Preachers, and everyone heard it, but in the name of religious freedom, there was nothing which could be done. Congress was founded based on the ‘secular principles’ but as partition left India wounded and Hindu- Muslim hatred.

Both communities hated one another secretly yes, but openly no one said anything to anyone on face, but the loudspeakers.

Therefore, due to fear, Hindus thought to be united, which they never were through out the history, but due to RSS’s constant hateful messages against the Muslims--- BJP fed on the fear.
However, BJP did not only feed on the fear, there are people in the party who actually believe so that Muslims do not love India but favour Pakistan, as some of the Muslims do so. They also feel that Muslims should have left India while partition happened.

But the question is why? Due to social media it is easy to upload one video without thinking or measuring the consequences of actions. If one Muslim did wrong, entire community is targeted. Because here one thing lacked--- The criminal tendency does not spare anyone. Muslims do wrong, and when everyone is taught against Kafir’s, they tend to hate Kafirs (Hindus), similarly Hindus also lynched Muslims for only eating beef.

The Second Questions- Why do Muslims feel disappointed?

BJP is always represented as a political version of RSS. RSS is a Hindu extremist organisation, which weekly / monthly distributes a conspiracy theory against secular leaders, secular people, intellectuals, and liberals. There are some incidents which can be true, but the way the blame entire Muslim community- that scares Muslims.
When, Narendra Modi stood for election in 2014, for PM candidate, before winning the elections, there were rumours everywhere against Muslims.

Almost Every child of small town and villages from Hindu community said that once Modi wins the election- they will eliminate the Muslim Community and take back everything.
Muslims get scared because there is reason for it.

RSS constantly links every Muslim to Pakistan and terrorism, and as if they are ‘not’ at all humans, which is naturally impossible- as religion teaches hatred against one another but there are some apologist of religion and good human who find kindness over brutality.
Muslims are mostly backward in India as they still follow Madarsa instead of schools and their Maulvis also preach that more education will bring the question against the religion, so prevent your religion from changing anything, including education. However, some families are well educated, and some families are degree holders but deeply religious.
Muslims obey their preachers blindly, and they follow it with devotion therefore, even when the rule is progressive like Triple Talaq- they condemned to change it. The triple talaq is even banned in Muslim Nations, but because BJP has introduced it- they do not consider it good from any aspect.  
There is a widespread sentiments among Muslims that BJP meant to take everything away from them, and they are being targeted even when they are innocent.
Muslims think that if they study hard, they will not be offered for higher jobs as the nation is filled with Hindus.
Muslims also consider that every step which has been taken by the Ruling party BJP is strategically against them and their religion.  Therefore, they also revert with the methods of their understanding.

What does it mean politically – the construction of the Ram Temple?

Hindus were scared, and they were genuinely scared like Muslims are now. BJP united them for religion. It is a constant effort--- There are certain news channel in India who have chosen the side.
One National channel always shows the bad things which are done by the Muslims against Hindu. That remains the favourite of Hindus.
Other national channel always shows the bad things against Muslims done by Hindus, that remains favourite of Muslims.
Politically, the hate and fear have become two stream which helps in winning.  Majorities are Hindus, and that means who has votes of Hindus- wins the election in the largest democracy of the world.
Media does it for TRP, and their viewer and somewhere they are also from the same society who is raised in hatred filled homes.
The first thing a child learns is to hate among families when you are born in deeply religious families.
Media and political leaders, teachers, and influencers everyone comes from the same society- they genuinely hate- it is in their genetics. They hate one another so much that they even target people who talk about Peace among communities.

Was it important to build the temple?

Nope. It was not important economically.  India is developing country with one of the largest populations to feed to provide employment, education and healthcare.
People are still compromising their rights and follow a depressing social system. Due to un education- people think that it is the god who brings happiness in the country but not the better social system.
People are raised to obey and beg and pray from the god--- therefore they stop believing that they are the one who can bring the change. However, temples are just bricks and cement—which wins the faith, and those will not provide any long term benefit except the free charity will be received by the managing people and the wealth they generate is going to be tax free.

What a mature political leader do?

Any mature leadership is about inclusion, which is not understood by the primitive ideology followers. A leader should bring the policies so that the religion should either be considered as a personal or gone instead of discussing it, spending millions on it, and widening the gap among communities. The only focus should have been on the education and wisdom but who will choose immature leaders then?
India is build by the Hindus, Muslims, Parsi, Christians, Buddhist, Jains and everyone else- the complete India. Politically- there should be preventive measures against the hateful speech. However, India I truly wish finds better leaders and better cause.

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At Ram Mandir Nirman-- Is it Justified?

The Ram Mandir Dispute which was a long-term dispute between the two communities of India, Hindu- and Muslims. People who read abroad sho...

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